JEEWIN care dedicated to snowmobile

  • DISCOUNT! THE new accessory for all sportsman and sportswoman who wishes to combine style and technology: a waterproof and shock resistant case, very convenient to store and transport your Jeewin products everywhere, without risk of damaging or losing them. Its classy design will appeal to all lovers of sport (men and women) and even those who are less...

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  • POCKET SIZE / The Intense Relaxation After Effort Cream JEEWIN is specially formulated for sport. Rich in refreshing menthol and powerful relaxing essential oils "cajeput, camphor, clove, wintergreen", it helps muscles recover after exercise and it contributes to the easing of muscle fatigue. 

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  • SAMPLE / Containing aloe vera and lavender essential oil, it instantly relaxes and deeply regenerates dry and sensitive skins after sun exposure. Shea butter, sweet almond and coconut oils intensely nourish and moisturize the epidermis, which recovers softness and elasticity.  PARABEN FREE

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