• suncare-extreme-sports


    Products specially formulated for sports practised under the sun, in mountain and at sea. Extremely water-resistant and sweatproof

  • movement-care-extreme-sports


    Products rich in essential oils and specially formulated for sport, useful before and after the effort to get ready and quickly recover before and after the sports effort

  • dailycare-extreme-sports


    Products rich in essential oils and specially formulated for Sportsmen and women, to daily use on body and face

  • massage-oils-extreme-sports


    Massage products rich in essential oils and specially formulated tu use  after the effort. A perfect and pleasant texture for the well-being

  • accessories-extreme-sports


    The essential of the Sportsman and woman! Cases to travel and transport your JEEWIN cosmetics, textiles, stickers, bags and other goodies

Cosmetics for Extreme Sports

JEEWIN goes with you in sports activities before, during and after the effort, with eco-responsible specific care products.

Conceived and made in France, JEEWIN effectively meets the needs of preparation, protection and physical recovery for sport, even in extreme conditions.

Combining design and ergonomics, JEEWIN is recognized by the athletes worldwide. From the high mountain, to the ocean, from the  outdoor to the urban disciplines, JEEWIN meet your requirements in term of performance and practicality.

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